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In May and June 2012 we went to USA. One of our humans was going to attend a conference in New Orleans. We were also going to Texas to visit some relatives of an other of our humans. Lastly, we had planned to explore more of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah in particular the Monument Valley. Ever since our first visit to Monument Valley in 2002, we had been dreaming of going back to this magical place...

Click each photo below to read how we got on in New Orleans, Texas and the wild west...

Part 1 : New Orleans

In New Orleans we stayed at the Marriott Hotel. It was just outside the French Quarter, so we had easy access to delicious meals like gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish, yummy! We also went to visit some of the old plantations.

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Part 2 : Texas

We travelled Texas three times: from east to west, from north to south east and from east to Austin and return. Texas is vast with open spaces and lots of adventures.

Click to read about Texas and how a flat tyre nearly ended our trip.

Part 3 : The Wild West

From Texas we travelled through New Mexico to the Four Corners and explored the Monument Valley and the Navajo Nation in Utah and Arizona. We also saw the huge meteor crater and the petrified forest in the Arizona desert.

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Part 1 : New Orleans
Part 2 : Texas
Part 3 : The Wild West

Check out our route through the south western USA.

Check out the map of Four Corners area

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