West Country

Lyme Regis, October 2005

In October we went to visit one of our humans as she was studying for her MA in Bath. We took the opportunity to visit Lyme Regis on the south coast. This village is famous for its fossils and it's also associated with the Spanish Armada. It was very windy this day and we had to cling to any chain and rope within reach.

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Avebury, October 2005

We were on a spiritual quest to the land known as the West Country incl. Stonehenge and Avalon. The standing stones in Avebury were amazing! Being a new bear, Sam was a bit naive as he said:
"Who ever put the stones here surely left a mess, but I shall help the citizens tidy it all up!"
In order to avoid a disaster, McBear tried to put it diplomatically:
"That's very generous of you, but I am not sure that your proposal would be approved..."

Salisbury Plain, October 2005

On the way south through the great Salisbury Plain we passed a white horse symbol on a mountain side. These ancient symbols can be found in several places in the UK.

Salisbury Plain, October 2005

Finally arriving at Stonehenge, we were fascinated by the standing stones. Tom was complaining, that we were way too far from the stones on the photo. Our photographer defended himself by saying it was far too embarassing to take photos with all the nosy and giggling tourists around asking silly questions!!! Roger couldn't imagine this would be a problem at all - but then again, being a Leo, he just loves attention and admiration.

Glastonbury Tor, October 2005

Our spiritual quest brought us to Glastonbury Tor. It looked like it would be a tough quest climbing the Tor all the way! But we began our journey...

Glastonbury Tor, October 2005

Boy, it was a tough climb! Being fit, Roger had no problems, but the rest of us had to give up. Well, that is, McBear made it too, but only because Roger was giving out to him for spending too much time in front of the computer! That always ignites McBear!
The climb was worth all the effort, and as the late sunset lit up the arch, we felt our spiritual quest was fulfilled!

Glastonbury, October 2005

It was dark before we finally reached Glastonbury, also known as Avalon. Roger explained to Tom, who was taking the photo, that this was a very spiritual town with all sorts of New Age shops and activities like the crystal shop behind us.
"Are there also people down to earth here?" Tom asked.
Roger looked at Tom with surprise.
"You know, for a bear with Pisces on the Ascendant that is a pretty sensible question....!"

Bath, October 2005

Inspired by Stonehenge and Avalon, on the last night when our humans had gone out, we set up a duvet cave. Roger appointed himself King of the Cave Bears. Edward and Tom joined as knights. Olivia wanted to be queen. McBear, in a struggle for freedom and independence, decided to rebel against tyranny and he was joined by fellow guerillas, Sam and Magnus. Knowing McBear, Roger prepared to defend his Kingdom from a viscous attack... but then we heard a key in the door, and the game ended...

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