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Part 1 : Dornoch & John O'Groats
Part 2 : Mull & Iona

Map of Scotland

Check out the map of Scotland to follow our pawsteps...

Part 1 : Dornoch & John O'Groats

Finglas East, Dublin, May 2016

As our contribution to the commemoration of the 1916 Rising was now completed, we found ourselves busy packing. Old Bamse had won a weekend stay at Dornoch Castle way up in Scotland, wow! We would be cruising the Scottish highlands and some of the islands including the spiritual island Iona, wow!
Boy, was Bamse excited as we were packing our suitcases, wow wow!
Roger was excited too, however, as the commemoration was over, Roger was also a bit sad as he hung up his 1916 rebel commandant uniform.
"Ah, well..." he pondered, "time to move on; time for new adventures..."

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Belfast to Cairnryan, May 2016

Our first leg of the trip would be the drive from Dublin to Belfast and up to Pitlochry. From Pitlochry, we'd be driving up to Dornoch Castle and further up to John O'Groats...

Having packed our gear we headed north to Belfast and went with Stenaline to Cairnryan in Wigtonshire in Scotland. Our humans had Stena Plus tickets and we were invited to enjoy the lounge. McBear was delighted as it meant Scottish shortbread ad libitum...

Pitlochry, Scotland, May 2016

After a long drive - and trying to escape rush hour Glasgow - we arrived Pitlochry for the night. We stayed at the B&B Derry Beg and it turned out to be a great place.

We had a new bear with us, but our humans had forgotten his name.
"Jezzz...!" McBear shook his head and had a look at the bear. "Hmmm... there's a tag fastened to your ear and it says Paws. That'll be your name, Paws, and since our trip will be recorded, your name will be remembered."
Paws was grateful.

Pitlochry, May 2016

We went downtown to enjoy the lovely atmospere in Pitlochry and we met a lot of nice people.

Pitlochry, Scotland, May 2016

Just off the main street a brand new restaurant, the Fern Cottage, had opened only last week. Great food!

Pitlochry, May 2016

Next morning, before we left Pitlochry we had a look at our maps to plan today's drive to Dornoch.

Inverness, Scotland, May 2016

We went through the Cairngorm National Park. Here, we passed the sign "Welcome to the Highlands". Wow!

Later, we reached Inverness, the capital of the Scottish highlands. Here we are at the welcome sign to Inverness.

Glenmorangie Distillery, May 2016

Before we reached Dornoch, we went on a visit to a famous Scottish whisky distillery, Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie Distillery, Scotland, May 2016

While Tom and Bamse went on a guided tour, McBear and Roger went to the gift shop.
"I bet Tom would love a bottle of real Glenmorangie!" McBear said.
So we bought a bottle for Tom.

Dornoch, May 2016

Finally, a long day's drive ended and we had reached Dornoch, phew!

Dornoch, May 2016

Here's Bamse and Roger in front of Dornoch Castle wearing their Scottish clan kilts.

Dornoch Castle, Scotland, May 2016

"Wow! We have a four poster bed." Roger said excited after we had entered our room.
Bamse was excited too.
"If you all behave nice, I'll let you have one pillow each - after all, I am the one who won the weekend stay..."

Dornoch Castle, May 2016

In our room a bear was sitting with a name tag around his neck. Henry was his name.
"Have you been sitting here long?" McBear asked.
"Well, that depends..." Henry replied. "I am waiting to be adopted."
"It's a gorgeous gown you're wearing" Roger noticed.
"Isn't it just? It comes with being a Dornoch Castle bear."
"Hm", Roger pondered, "there's an idea..."

Dornoch Castle, Scotland, May 2016

In the evening we had a game of Ludo.
Tom enjoyed his bottle of Glenmorangie and McBear enjoyed a huge bar of Walkers Shortbread. Roger and Bamse were wearing their Scottish kilts.
While playing, we discussed our Scottish origin.
"I am McBear and I'm a member of the old McBear clan", McBear pointed out.
"Well, I am now MacBamse of Dornoch - I'm a real highlander of the Sutherland clan", Bamse boasted.
Roger was getting a bit grumpy from all that bragging.
"And I am Roger... ehm... Roger Stewart - a real royal Irish O'Tall'er!"
When the game ended and it was time to go to bed, Tom was singing "There's whisky in the bar".

Sutherland and Caithness, May 2016

The next morning we had a lovely breakfast. Then we headed north for the day to the very north easternly point of Scotland; John O'Groats. Wow!
We also went to Dunnet Head, the most northernly point in Scotland.
Having visited Thurso, we veered to the south back to Dornoch.

John O'Groats, Scotland, May 2016

At John O'Groats. Here, a clan of Irish bears met a clan of nice Scottish ladies. It was great fun.

"You know what?" Roger said to the other bears. "Howabout we charge a fee when people have their photo taken with us?"
"We could charge 5 Euros for a group photo and 10 Euros if people have their photo taken with me only..."

Dornoch, May 2016

The weather was sunny the last day and Roger and Bamse enjoyed the little park behind Dornoch Castle.

Part 1 : Dornoch & John O'Groats
Part 2 : Mull & Iona

Check out our video from the highlands.

Check out the map of Scotland

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