Bearlife Concert

Dublin, August 2010

The 20th of August 2010 was a very special day: Roger was celebrating his 10 years anniversary and he decided it was not going to go unnoticed! Recently he had got a new Fender Stratocaster lead guitar, so what would be more appropriate than celebrating this with a party - a Bearlife concert in Dublin! New toy animals - bears, dogs and even seals and parrots - had arrived since the last concert, and the new ones had not yet had a chance to experience a real rock concert with the famous Bearlife!
Bearlife was working hard to build up a stage for the concert. Having become devoted Bearlife fans, Sam and Chong helped us setting up the stage.
"Phew!" Tom was moaning as he plugged the lead from the mike into an amplifier. "It's hard work! I wouldn't mind a pint..."
"Phew!" Bamse was moaning too. "It certainly is hard work! I wouldn't mind a pint..."
As per usual, leads and cables were everywhere on the stage, and Tom noticed there seemed to be guitars everywhere too.
"Roger, tell me, how many guitars do you have? I mean, there seems to be guitars in every corner of the stage and even on the floor! What do you think our owners would say if they knew? I can count seven guitars...!"
"Seven? Ah, not at all!" Roger said. "I've got far less than that! The Fender bass is Bamse's..."

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Dublin, August 2010

The concert went extremely well. Roger swapped guitars between songs and McBear played on his red concert drum kit. Bearlife played all the classics: the old Teddy Bear Picnic, Elvis' Teddy Bear and Bearlife's own All You need is Bears.

It was at the party after the concert Bamse decided to celebrate the day by lighting his old Cohiba cigar from Havannah. Now, it took him 17 matches, a candle and 2 lighters to lit the cigar. Then it took the bears 7 buckets of water and 2 fire extinguishers to save the carpet in the sitting room...!

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