Puerto Inca, Peru, June-July 2000

Even though Peru is just south of the Equator, it was freezing cold as we visited the country in their winter. Brrrr! Here I am under the covers at a hotel in Puerto Inca on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

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Arequipa, Peru, June-July 2000

In 2001 there was a huge earthquake in Arequipa and many people were killed. My humans and I were lucky as we visited Arequipa the year before the earthequake.

This photo was taken in the airport just before departure for Juliaca at the Lake Titicacca. You can see the Andes in the horizon.

Inca Trail, Peru, July 2000

To find the lost city of Machu Picchu, we went on the Inca Trail.

The photo is taken at Dead Woman's Pass after a long day's intensive walk uphill to 4200 meters! The air is so thin, we nearly lost one of my humans! You cannot see me as I was sitting inside one of the bags...

Machu Picchu, Peru, July 2000

Machu Picchu was... incredible! Amazing and breathtaking. This is the only existing photo of me at Machu Picchu and it's recovered from the video that was recorded.
It's a bit hard to find me: I am sitting on the ground with my back to the recorder. I was stunned by the archievement and architecture of the Incas. Wouldn't mind to go back...

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