Sandefjord, March 2012

Sandefjord Airport, Torp, Norway, March 2012

In the beginning of March one of our humans was going to an exhibition in Norway and we were invited for an extended weekend in Sandefjord. Sandefjord is located at the mouth of the Oslo Fjord in the south of Norway.

We were flying Widerøe from Copenhagen to Torp near Sandefjord. Here we are having arrived Torp. McBear said the aircraft was a Dash Eight.

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Sandefjord, Norway, March 2012

Sandefjord has nearly 40,000 citizens. It was early spring, but Norway is located way up north, so it was very cold. The Norwegians said that normally they had lots of snow at this time of year, but not this year.

Sandefjord, Norway, March 2012

We had time to do some sightseeing in Sandefjord. Here we are at the church in down town Sandefjord. The church, Sandefjord Kirke, was built 1903.

Sandefjord Harbour, Norway, March 2012

Sandefjord used to be a big whaling city with an entire fleet of whaling vessels. We went to the harbour and had a look at the famous whaling vessel, Southern Actor. It's the grey ship behind us. Sandefjord even has a whaling museum; the only of its kind in Europe.

Sandefjord, Norway, March 2012

Here we are in front of the huge Rica Park Hotel, where the exhibition was taking place. The hotel has a set of huge whale jaws - it's the white curved thingies you can see in front of the hotel. They look small from the distance, however, they are much taller than a bear - both toy animal bears and living bears.

Sandefjord, Norway, March 2012

We enjoyed the lovely lounge in the hotel.
"Pity Roger couldn't come with us", McBear said, "He would have loved this lobby.

Torp, Norway, March 2012

When the weekend ended our owner decided to walk back to the airport - even though it was a four miles walk with a rucksack and a heavy trolley. On the way we helped our human find the way by following the roadsigns.

Sandness, March 2012

Stavanger, Norway, March 2012

Three weeks later we were going to another exhibition in Norway, this time in Sandnes near Stavanger on the west coast. To get to Sandnes we got the bus from the airport in Sola to down town Stavanger, and from here we got on the bus to Sandnes. Bamse, who was with us this time, was moaning because of the fuss of getting in and out of buses. But then again; Bamse was nearly 50 years, so he was excused!

Stavanger, Norway, March 2012

We went sightseeing around the small lake or pond, Breiavatnet and had a look at the Stavanger cathedral. It's the oldest cathedral in Norway and was built in the first part of the 1100s. It was springtime and lovely weather and we enjoyed the flowers around the city park.

Stavanger, Norway, March 2012

Before the bus arrived we had time to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee at the Breiavatnet.

Sandness, Norway, March 2012

In Sandnes we were staying at the fine hotel, Gamla Værket. It's a very old building dating back to 1783 and it used to be a factory. The hotel has kept much of the old interior and original walls, so it does look old, however, the quality is great and the food very delicious.

Sandness Harbour, Norway, March 2012

We walked around Sandnes and its harbour. Norway has a vast number of fjords so has a lot of small cities with harbours and lots of boats.

Sandness, Norway, March 2012

During the weekend we went to a fine exhibition at the Quality Hotel Residence in down town Sandnes. Bamse wished to find inspiration for his Lord Bear Mayor's office. We came across some lovely paintings by the talented Norwegian artist, Line Eklund. We got a bear sized painting and McBear said it would look cool in his TARF office, but Bamse said the painting was to be hanging at a place with access for everybody to admire it. McBear agreed...

Sandness, Norway, March 2012

Next, we came across some fine paintings by a Norwegian artist, Anne Elisabeth Lien from Kragerø. Fortunately, there were some lovely bear sized paintings as well. We bought four paintings.

Sandness, Norway, March 2012

Then Bamse discovered a fabulous painting. It was huge. The painting showed a city with citizens, and Bamse got all excited as a city and its citizens would be most appropriate for a Lord Bear Mayor's meeting room. Excited, he went straight over to talk to the artist, Anne Lien.
"But, Bamse..." McBear tried to stop Bamse, " on earth are we going to bring it with us back home?
"Oh... eh... I hadn't actually thought of that...well... eh..."
"Good Lord", McBear mumbled, "I'll have to talk to the Scandinavian Airlines System and be very kind to the cabin crew..."

Everything worked out fine, and later at home we could all admire the fine Norwegians paintings.

Oslo, April 2012

Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, Denmark, April 2012

Later, in April one of our humans was going to an exhibition in Sandvika near Oslo. Once again we found ourselves busy packing and heading for the airport. Here we are in Copenhagen Airport Kastrup enjoying a cup of coffee. We were going to fly a Boeing 737 from SAS to Gardermoen north of Oslo.

Gardermoen, Norway, April 2012

Having arrived Gardermoen we had a look at the airport. Gardermoen is located nearly 40 km north of Oslo, the Norwegian capital, but one can take the airport train and then it only takes 20 minutes to get from Gardermoen to the city centre.

Oslo, Norway, April 2012

To get around we had rented a fine black Ford Fiesta.

Tollerud, Norway, April 2012

Then we headed south towards Porsgrunn. We needed to stop for coffee and to find our way. Here we are near Tollerud on the E18 motorway. We were driving through the county of Vestfold Fylke.

Oslo, Norway, April 2012

During the weekend we went sightseeing in Oslo. Here we are in front of the royal palace. The statue shows Karl Johan, who became king of Norway and Sweden in 1818.

Oslo, Norway, April 2012

We walked down the famous boulevard, Karl Johan Gate and had a look at the fine houses. There were cafes everywhere - a bit pricy though.
As per usual, McBear was concerned with toy animals and their health in any country.
"I wonder if the Norwegian TAs need assistance to set up TARO - Toy Animals' Rights of Oslo..."

Oslo, Norway, April 2012

We went to see the parliament building. The parliament is called the Stortinget. Stor means great and ting is like on Iceland: A place for the noble people to sit and debate politics.

Oslo, Norway, April 2012

We had only time for one more thing on our itenary and we went to see the great Oslo town hall. It's one the most famous buildings in Oslo and was finished in 1950.

Oslo central station, Norway, April 2012

We returned the Ford Fiesta to the dealer and went to the central station to find a train to the airport. Here we are at the station trying to work out which platform to go to.

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