Bears in London

Travelling Bears in London

London, February 2005

In February 2005 we went on an extended weekend tour to London. We stayed at a lovely hotel in the Docklands area, and from here we could view the tall buildings in the city centre.

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Travelling Bears in London
London, February 2005

Though the hotel was only 4 star, Roger was very content and he loved to sprawl out on the big bed. McBear, Goldie Bear and Edward shared the other half of the bed.

Travelling Bears in London on St. Valentine's Day

London, February 2005

The reason for going to London this particurlar weekend was Valentine's day .... McBear's birthday! He was 5 years old now.

Travelling Bears at the Royal Observatory in London
London, February 2005

Roger thought we should celebrate McBear's birthday by going somewhere special, and since McBear is an Aquarian, Roger proposed a visit to Greenwich and the old Royal Observatory. McBear thought it was a great idea. From the park in Greenwich we could see the tall buildings at the Docklands and also the Royal Naval College.

Travelling Bears in Greenwich near London

London, February 2005

McBear was excited to find the Zero degree Meridian on the ground at the old observatory. This meridian, he told the other bears, divides the Earth in East and West. While Roger sat down to the west of the meridian, McBear sat to the east.

Travelling Bears at the tea clipper Cutty Sark in London
London, February 2005

After the observatory we went down to see the old tall ship, Cutty Sark. Roger of course was excited to study this fine old ship.
"Wowww, was it a real battle ship?" Edward asked.
"No," Roger replied. "As you can see, Cutty Sark only had a few canons. It was a tea clipper bringing tea from India."

Travelling Bears at Trafalgar Square in London
London, February 2005

On Trafalgar Square Roger told the other bears about Nelson on top of the pillar.
"This was a true sea admiral - a hero! And on his grave is three names for his three famous victories: The Nile, Copenhagen and ..."
Having lived the first part of his life in Copenhagen McBear didn't agree with this at all.
"Nelson cheated!" he interrupted: "The Danes were on their way to defeat Nelson, when the Danish crownprince was deceived and persuaded by Nelson's spokesman to surrender!"

Travelling Bears at the Big Ben in London

London, February 2005

While the battle and arguing raged, Edward and Goldie went for coffee. When it was over, McBear and Roger went over to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Travelling Bears at Windsor Castle near London
Windsor, February 2005

We also went to see the famous Windsor Castle where the Queen lives. When Roger learned that the flag indicated the presence of her Majesty, he got cheerful, however, soon he realised we weren't getting invited to tea. Knowing how terribly disappointed Roger would become, McBear hurried with an explanation:
"But, Roger, we are here on an unexpected visit! How could the Queen possibly have had time to prepare for such a distinguished visitor...!"
When we left Windsor, Roger seemed blissful...

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