Christmas 2003

Tivoli, December 2003

In 2003 we celebrated Christmas in Slangerup near Copenhagen. As it was Christmas it was nearly compulsory to do a visit to the Christmas market in Tivoli. Here, one of our humans shot and won a new bear. Goldiebear, he was named as his fur was golden.

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D'Angleterre, Copenhagen, December 2003

As usual, McBear and Roger went to visit the splendid hotel D'Angleterre. There was a lovely and cosy fireplace lit, and we enjoyed the relaxed Christmas spirit in the lounge. The waiter brought us tea with honey.

Slangerup, December 2003

Then we went to Slangerup to celebrate Christmas. We helped the family decorate the christmas tree. Well, we couldn't reach high branches, but we did our best. Here we are unpacking old houses, and Bamse, being the tallest, hung up the houses. Tom managed to break three glass balls, before the family invited us to just sit on the couch, not touching anything - while they carried on decorating the tree.

Almond Award, December 2003

For dinner we had duck and for dessert .... Rice a la Almond! Yummie! We had taken care of the Almond award this year, and Roger, being Oscar-nominee in 2001, presented this year's award - The Travelling Bears Almond Award 2003 for better writing - a fine biro. One of our humans won it.

Christmas, December 2003

Oh, the Christmas tree looked so lovely - we nearly had tears in our eyes - except for Roger of course ... well, he just didn't want to admit he also was touched! As the candles were lit on the tree, we were forbidden from getting nearer to it than 2 feet - the family worried that one of us would catch fire.

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