Copenhagen Airport, December 2009

As the world's leaders gathered in Copenhagen in Denmark for the COP15 world conference on climate change, so did two bear leaders, McBear and Roger. At the latest TARF meeting, the council had decided to send two delegates to the conference. McBear believed that toy animals should be represented on equal terms with humans and Roger, being a polar bear, believed, that if the North Pole was at risk of melting, polar bears would indeed be the first to feel the consequences.
Having landed in Copenhagen Airport, we discovered some of the many posters that were hanging around to advertise this world event.

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Hillerød, December 2009

We were staying with our humans in Slangerup and we had the opportunity to go to Hillerød and the famous Frederiksborg Castle. We had already seen the castle several times before, and since Christmas was approaching, we were more interested in the local Christmas market. Here were are at the local town hall square.

Hillerød, December 2009

At one of the stands we came across some lovely handmade bear sized timber chairs and we decided to buy a chair.
It turned out that McBear had certain difficulties trying to squeeeeze in between the armrests. Roger on the other hand was perfectly fit to sit on the chair.
"Your bum is still too big!" Roger pointed out rather bluntly.
"And you spend too much time in front of your laptop!" he continued.
McBear didn't fully agree...

Slangerup, December 2009

In the evening we sat down to enjoy a cosy fire in front of the fireplace. Roger enjoyed sitting on his new armchair.
Our humans were very concerned and they were worried that one of us could catch fire.

Copenhagen, December 2009

The next day we went to Copenhagen to the town hall square. It looked like it would be a busy place...
We had prepared some posters. On McBear's poster he had typed: "Humans & Toy Animals share climate responsibility". And Roger had prepared a poster on which he had printed: "Polar Bears support colder icebergs!"

Copenhagen, December 2009

Thousands of people had gathered at the town hall square to listen to talks and to demonstrate for a better climate in the world. We were a bit worried to become run over by people if we should mingle with the crowd...

Copenhagen, December 2009

We went to the Bella Center where the conference was taking place. But at the entrance the police refused to let us in! It turned out that the Danish government hadn't thought of inviting toy animals! Boy, was McBear disappointed! Roger tried to give ham consolation.
"Don't worry, McBear. We'll be there the next time..."

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