Ghostly Bears

Tullynally Castle, County Westmeath, October 2014

It was a cold and dark night.
The trees were whispering in the stormy weather
and the crows were screaming from above...
We all felt icy inside. We were on a mission, but did we dare walk in...?

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Finglas East, Dublin, September 2014

Now, for this story we need to turn the clock back a month. When in Arizona, we bought a huge pumpkin for our annual Halloween party. It was fairly awkward to bring the pumpkin home with us in the luggage.
"Now, all we need...", Roger said, " something to create a scary atmosphere for the party".
"We could go to Tullynally Castle in Westmeath." McBear proposed. "It's said to be among the most haunted castles in Ireland. We could investigate the rumours..."
"Good idea," Tom agreed, "And we could have a pint afterwards... Pints and spirits always go hand in hand..."

Finglas East, Dublin, October 2014

"So... if we're going to Nullytally", Roger was thinking, "it might be time to have some fun."
Roger asked his humans to help him create a suitable halloween outfit...
"Uhh hoooh!" Roger was howling as he looked into the mirror, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the scariest bear of all? Well... ME, of course!"
Roger was making plans for the visit to Tullynally...

Tullynally Castle, Westmeath, October 2014

It was a cold and dark night when we arrived Tullynally Castle. The castle looked frightening, in fact more scary than on the photos on the internet, when McBear had done his research...
And now the question was: did we dare walk in?
But it was too late to turn back ...

Tullynally Castle, October 2014

We walked stairs up and down and followed corridors long. We saw people on guided tours, and they all looked deadly pale.
"It seems that Nullytally is a really spooky place," Roger said.
"It's Tullynally!" McBear said. "But, yeah, I agree".

Tullynally Castle, October 2014

It got even more spooky when Roger suddenly disappeared.
McBear and Tom looked around.
"This is a scary place," McBear said. "... and now Roger is gone..."
"Yeah, he's been acting a bit strange," Tom agreed and felt the icy cold down his back. "I wish he'd be back..."

Tullynally Castle, October 2014

"BUUUHHH! I am the ghost of Nullytal... eh, Tullynally".
But neither McBear nor Tom heard anything - they had passed out.
"Oh, maybe I was overdoing it a bit...", Roger was mumbling. Now he had to help his friends back on their paws. To their relief they didn't encounter more ghosts...

Finglas East, Dublin, October 2014

The last day of October came, and we all prepared for our Halloween party.
Olivia wished to dress up as a witch, so she bought a witch hat.
"Olivia doesn't need an outfit!" Barnaby pointed out, "...she's a tough cookie herself!"
Roger fetched his guitar and he and Tom sang the old hit, "Bear Necessity".
It was a great party and Roger told everyone what a splendid visit they had had to Tullynally Castle. McBear and Tom, however, didn't fully agree...

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