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Edinburgh Airport, December 2014

Just before Christmas we went on a visit to Edinburgh in Scotland. Here we are in the airport having arrived Edinburgh. It was the third time McBear was in Scotland. Actually, it was the fourth time as he was bought in a souvenir shop in Princes Street in January 2000 - but that was before he became McBear.
As an honour to Edinburgh, Roger had decided to be wearing his fine tartan kilt. We also decided to wear proper red hats for the Christmas season.

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Edinburgh, The Royal Mile, December 2014

We would be staying at the fine Radisson Blu in the old town right on the Royal Mile - couldn't be more central! Once settled in, we went out and had a lovely lunch at Bella Italia - right next to where we are standing.

Edinburgh, Radisson Blu, December 2014

We had a fine room at the Radisson Blu. There was a big double bed with real tartan! McBear was delighted. Olivia was with us and she found the room very suitable.
"I agree with Roger," she stated. "Great bears deserve great accommodation."

Edinburgh Castle, December 2014

We went to Edinburgh Castle and went on a guided tour. Here we are at St. Margaret's Chapel. It's the oldest building of the castle and it was built by David I around 1130. There is only space for 20 people inside. McBear did a calculation and concluded that the chapel could hold 11,800 bears of average size and 22,500 if all bears were stowed tight.
"...Even though that would be a breach of Toy Animals' Right!" he pointed out.

Edinburgh Castle, December 2014

Here we are in front of the Royal Palace with the crown jewels. Our photographer had certain issues and said it was a difficult angle because it was close to a wall behind him, there was little space and it was too dark. Also, people were passing behind us giggling and smiling!
"Can you not just shoot?" McBear asked. "It's really very cold out here!"

Edinburgh Castle, December 2014

Eventually, we got an acceptable photo and we could go inside and have a look at the fine jewels. The castle has an amazing history.

Edinburgh, December 2014

We went to the famous restaurant, The Witchery, and had a lovely dinner. The restaurant is located in a very old building from the early 1600s and it has an amazing atmosphere with woodwork everywhere.

Edinburgh, June 2003

Olivia had got herself some tartan. She wished to try out the quality, so we used it as a duvet at night time. It was really warm and nice. Roger was getting all sweatty.

Edinburgh, December 2014

Early next morning we walked the Royal Mile to Holyroodhouse. It's the Queen's residence in Scotland. The castle was founded as a monastery back in the 1100s. Parts of the castle was built in the 1500s, but most of what can be seen today was built in the 1600s. Many famous people have lived here including Mary, Queen of Scots.

Edinburgh, December 2014

We also went to see Edinburgh Museum. Here, we discovered the past of the old town of Edinburgh. We came across some fab, bear sized fire crew helmets, wow! They even had a brass helmet our size!
"I want to be the fire chief," Roger immediately announced.
"Right, right," McBear muttered. "That leaves me with the option of becoming the hose operator!"

Edinburgh, December 2014

In the afternoon we walked to The Newtown. Here, we walked the fine, straight streets and ended up at a pub to have some tea before lunch. It was very cold outside, so it was nice to sit down and get warm.

Edinburgh, December 2014

Then it was time for our afternoon tea at Carlton Hotel. We enjoyed sandwiches, scones and cake and tea.

Edinburgh, December 2014

We picked up our luggage at the Radisson Blu and got the bus back to the airport. Here, we had seats on a regional Aer Lingus flight back to Dublin. It had been a lovely before-Christmas break.

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