Spring Bears

Dublin, April 2004

Before Easter, McBear and Roger were working hard as photo models prior to a large Travelling Bears Spring Campaign. There was lots of TB stuff like calenders, mugs, placemats and coasters. Blissfull, Roger seemed to flourish and he stayed in front of the cameras even after the spotlight had closed down for the day!

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Dublin, April 2004

This year our humans decided to enjoy Easter in Kerry and West Cork. Roger, however, was very concerned about rumours, that the Travellig Bears would have to stay at home this time!
"It's an outrage", Roger pointed out.
"We'll rebel", McBear said, but added at low voice: "Don't worry, Roger! I have a plan B!"

Dublin, April 2004

Next morning, as our humans were going to start the car, the back seat of the car was packed with excited bears. Edward was nearly hyper as this was his first trip with the Travelling Bears. He is a hair-bear like Barnaby - that is, he came from the same hair dressers in Port Laoise. When Edward joined the Travelling Bears, Barnaby got all excited as this was his chance to catch up with the latest gossip in Port Laoise.

Healy Pass, April 2004

We went to stay in Dawros on the Beara Peninsula. Next morning we went over the Healy Pass. Last year McBear and Roger had had their photo taken at this very spot, so Pinbear, Tom, Bamse and Edward insisted they also wanted their photo taken here. Pinbear was complaining about the sheep droppings - some of them were nearly as big as he!

The Beara Peninsula, April 2004

McBear and Tom had studied Irish mythology and they proposed we should visit the Hag of Beara. It's a weird shaped rock sticking out from the rest of the hill, and it's believed, that the pagan goddess, Gailleach Bhearra, resides in the rock waiting for her husband, the God of Sea, Manannan Mac Lir, to come back to her.
"Wonder how long she's been waiting", Bamse said. "I spent 22 years in the attic and that was a long time for me..."

Bantry, April 2004

Next morning on our way south we stopped in Bantry to visit the beautiful Bantry House. It was built late 17 hundreds with extensions in the 18 hundreds. Being a celebrity, Roger was looking forward to being invited to tea with the owners, Egerton Shelswell-White and his wife, Brigitte.

Bantry, April 2004

McBear and Roger went for a walk in the park. Roger was disappointed that the owners unfortunately were not at home.

Sheep's Head, April 2004

We went all the way out to the very end of Sheep's Head. There was a the light house at the end and we could see Dursey Island in the horizon.

Cape Clear, April 2004

We went to Baltimore in Cork and from here we sailed to Cape Clear, or as some say Clear Island - or Cleire in old Irish. Once, there was more than 1000 people living on Cape Clear, but today only around 140 islanders still live here.

Cape Clear, April 2004

Cape Clear is An Gaeltacht, which means the islanders still speak the old Irish language, and the placenames were written in Irish like here, An tArdghort. The Bears felt it would a huge shame if the culture and language of the islanders should be lost.

Cape Clear, April 2004

The bears wished to contribute to keep Cape Clear a prosperous community. McBear considered writing a constition for TARCC (Toy Animals' Rights of Cape Clear). Pinbear wanted to enroll new members. Tom wanted to become a tourguide showing tourists the beauty of Cape Clear. Bamse wouldn't mind becoming the new TA Mayor, and he intended to welcome people with the Irish words he had just learned: Failte agus Slainte. Edward wanted to set up a hair dressers.
"Nothing like gossip brings people together", Edward pointed put.
Roger wanted to set up a plaque: Viking Roger was here as he believed people would come from near and far to see the island, he once had visited ...

Moll's Gap, April 2004

On the way back to Dublin we stopped near Moll's Gap to view the stunning view of MacGillycuddy's Reeks. In the horizon we could see the highest mountain in Ireland, Carrantouhill (1039 m).

Dublin, April 2004

Well, among the photos of McBear & Roger that had to be scrapped was this one taken when Bamse, Pinbear, Tom and Barnaby excited entered the studio and claimed they had the rights to have their photos taken too. Born in the early sixties, Bamse claimed that he of any was a senior member of the Travelling Bears. Poor McBear was tumbled over in the riot. Tom, being extremely polite, apologised for the inconvinience...

Dublin, April 2004

When McBear got on his feet - or paws - he agreed that their claim was complying with their constitutional rights of TARF.
It was therefore decided to do additional shooting of the 9 Travelling Bears ... well, originally there was 8 travelling bears until Irving arrived, then there was 9, and even though the number since then had exceeded 15 bears and dogs, the boundary was set at 9 TB's.

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