Glostrup, March 2001

Roger and Angus came to visit us in Glostrup in March. We almost managed to finish the igloo before we had to get back to the apartment - it was simply too cold outdoor!

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Copenhagen, June 2001

Just before McBear and Pinbear moved to Ireland, Roger, Angus and Frances went to Copenhagen. Roger made another visit to the finest hotel in Copenhagen, D'Angleterre.

Hotel D'Angleterre, June 2001

One of the first times he and McBear had been there, Roger got drunk and started on somersaults on the counter in the bar so they were thrown out on the street! It was so traumatic to poor McBear that he burst into tears! But now things have changed: Roger is a celebrity and is always welcome at D'Angleterre, drinking tea with honey!

Bornholm, January 2002

In January 2002, McBear, Roger, Angus and Olivia (and Frances) went to Bornholm to stay at the fine Hotel SAS Radisson in Roenne. We went on a trip round the island and also started excavating Hammershus, the largest ruin in Scandinavia! Angus managed to dig some pretty deep holes, but some officials came running and claimed it's forbidden to dig up the area. Roger was giving out to Angus for being a silly dog!

Oesterlars Rundkirke, January 2002

On Bornholm, we saw some amazing churches: They were round. McBear had read about them and said they were built between 1100 and 1200 to protect the citizens from intruders - like vikings. Amazing!

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