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Late January 2012 we found ourselves crossing the Atlantic Ocean at 40,000 feet in a huge Air France Jumbo jet bound for Habana (pronounced Havannah)! We had been invited for a visit to the Cuban capital including a one week's stay at the holiday paradise Varadero.

It was five years ago since our last visit to the tropical island. Bamse and Goye, however, had never been to Cuba, and they were both hyper.

Click each photo below to read how we went on in Habana and Varadero...

Habana, January 2012

In Habana we stayed at the five star Parque Central hotel. Wow! In two days we went around Habana three times.

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Varadero and Santa Clara, January 2012

In Varadero we stayed at the Iberostar Varadero. McBear and Roger both wished to revisit Santa Clara with the famous monument of Ernesto Che Guevara. We had never seen the monument in daylight...

Click the photo to read how we nearly suffered severe headaches from falling coconuts...

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We surfed the beaches
of VARADERO in Cuba
and went to
the mausoleum
of Che Guevara

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