Aus & Rau

Copenhagen Airport, September 2008

In September 2008, a couple of McBear's friends from Copenhagen in Denmark, Berit and Hans, were going on a ride through the western states of USA. On the trip Berit and Hans brought 2 toy animals named Aus and Rau. Aus was a real bear and Rau was a lion, even though she looked like a tough cookie with the mane. Here we are in Copenhagen airport before we took off with Delta Airlines on an Airbus bound for Atlanta, Georgia.

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San Francisco, California, September 2008

From Atlanta we flew to San Francisco. Here, we rented a car. Here's Hans driving the car from the airport. As you can see, we had made sure to be on board, and Hans was very excited...

San Francisco, California, September 2008

we stayed at a hotel north of San Francisco. Here we are unpacking after the arrival.

San Francisco, California, September 2008

Next morning, while Berit and Hans were having breakfast, we had fun chasing each other having fun. We had a fantastic wiev to the sea.

San Francisco, California, September 2008

Then it was time to head south. On the way we crossed the world famous Golden Gate bridge. Wow!!!!

Los Angeles, California, September 2008

After hours of driving we finally reached Los Angeles. When Aus discovered this road sign, he yelled "Hollywood, here we come!"

Hollywood, California, September 2008

We wished to walk the famous walk with all the hot shots' names in the pavement. Here's Elvis...

San Diego, California, September 2008

We went south to San Diego to see the fantastic sea world with Dolphins, Killer Whales and Wallrosses!

Yuma, Arizona, September 2008

From San Diego we headed east to Yuma, said to be the hottest city in the world. Gosh, it WAS VERY hot! Here, we are crusing through the dessert in the southern parts of Arizona. It was easy to find our way thanks to the GPS system. You can just about see the GPS screen to the left.

Winslow, Arizona, September 2008

50,000 years ago a huge meteorite from space hit the dessert between Flagstaff and Winslow. Here we are studying the huge crater that was the result of the meeting between the meteorite and the Earth.

You will perhaps notice that we now were accompanyed by Sixtysix - or just Six. We had paid a release fee in a souvenir shop. Boy, was he happy to become a real travelling bear!

Grand Canyon, Arizona, September 2008

Then we reached the amazing Grand Canyon. Aus climbed a tree near the Desert View to get a better view of the canyon - as if it wasn't high enough: Grand Canyon is 6,000 feet deep!

Arizona, September 2008

Six asked if he could bring home 'a tiny souvenir' from Arizona.
"But of course," Hans & Berit said.
Boy, were they surprised when they discovered him sitting inside a huge Amathyst rock! They started mumbling something about how much it would in excess weight on the plane back home!

Arizona, September 2008

Before we left Grand Canyon, we helped Six calling his mother. He had promised her to call home to ask for more money. Just as well we were with him as the phone at the hotel was kind of heavy...

Monument Valley, Arizona, September 2008

From Grand Canyon we went to Monument Valley, the place that the film director John Ford made famous through his Western Movies. It was a truly fantastic place.

Arizona, September 2008

At the visitor centre in Monument Valley Berit & Hans generously paid release fees for another 2 bears: Aussy & Tassy! Wow, we were becoming quite a travelling party!

Arizona, September 2008

Boy, we slept well after another scorching day in Arizona. Aussy & Tassy were both very excited having become real travelling bears!

Utah, September 2008

We left Arizona and headed north to Bryce Canyon in Utah. Here we are at the Rainbow Point. Notice the height: 9115 feet! The air was getting thin and it was very windy and Aussy nearly tumbled down.

Hoover Dam, Nevada, September 2008

On the way to Las Vegas we stopped at the Hoover Dam for some sight seeing. Wow, the dam is a fantastic construction.

Las Vegas, Nevada, September 2008

We went to see Las Vegas. This is a fantastic city rising from the dust in the middle of the Nevada desert. We discovered a place that had an artificial sky! It was very weird... Here's Aus and Rau with Berit.

Las Vegas, Nevada, September 2008

We stopped for lunch at ... MacDonald's!

Death Valley, California, September 2008

From Las Vegas we headed north west until we found ourselves in the middle of a very, very hot place: Death Valley! Here, Rau took us on a run and hide! He was sitting as a guard lion, making sure everything is ok.

Death Valley, California, September 2008

When we went back to Hans & Berit, Rau was grapsing for breath in the heat. Hans came to rescue as he brought Rau a bottle of water... Notice how dry the ground is!

San Francisco, California, September 2008

From Death Valley we went to San Francisco - from where we had started the trip weeks earlier. Aus felt happy to be back and he made summersaults hanging from the lians outside the hotel.

San Francisco, California, September 2008

Next day we found ourselves sitting on the train from Millbrae to Daly City Bart on the way to San Francisco Zoo.

San Francisco, California, September 2008

Here's Rau studying the poor gorillas.
"They ought to be let back into the wild! If somebody treats them bad, I shall defend the gorillas with a mighty ROAARRRRR!!!!"

San Francisco, California, September 2008

Then it was time to start thinking of heading back to Denmark. We made sure to sit safe!

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