A Navajo Indian guide
helped us
to explore
the great

Monument Valley

Arches & Canyons    Monument Valley    Arizona   

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Mexican Hat, Utah, September 2014

From Moab we went south along highway 95 and highway 261 to Mexican Hat. Mexican Hat is named after a huge rock lying on top of an almost pyramid shaped rock formation.

Mexican Hat, September 2014

As per (almost) usual, we were staying at the Hat Rock Inn. Even though it was near the end of September, it was still hot and the air condition was running like mad.

Monument Valley, September 2014

We had been on this road before several times, Highway 163, and thought we couldn't be impressed anymore. However, when we got here, we simply had to stop to enjoy the majestic rock formations of the Monument Valley once again. Unbelievable landscape!

Monument Valley, September 2014

This time we were going to explore the Monument Valley more thoroughly. However, before we went, we had to do some grocery shopping in the local Navajo supermarket.

Monument Valley, September 2014

We thought that we could finally enjoy the splendid Monument Valley, but then we realized there was yet another thing on our to do list!
"Oh, no!" Roger moaned: "Not LAUNDRY!"
"I had hoped the navajos had gone back to a spiritually healthy and stress free lifestyle!", McBear stated.
He continued: "In my next bear life I want to live a laundry-free life!"
Patiently, we waited until the clothes were dry...

Monument Valley, September 20144

This was in fact the third time we were here on this famous spot.

Monument Valley, September 2014

This time we were going to explore the Monument Valley thoroughly with a native navajo guide, wow!

Monument Valley, September 2014

Here we are at the famous John Ford's Point. It appeared in John Ford's 1938 western "The Stagecoach" starring a young John Wayne. Roger was hoping to find a nearby point and name it Roger's Point.
"It could become a very famous point", Roger pointed out, "and the Navajos could tell all tourists, that the famous Viking Roger once had been here at Roger's Point!"

Monument Valley, September 2014

We also saw "The Indian", which is a cave with a huge "hole" at the top.

Monument Valley, September 2014

Nearby is an arch called "the Ear". When the wind blows 40 miles or more, the wind starts a whistling sound from the arch.

Goosenecks State Park, Utah, September 2014

After visiting The Monument Valley, we went to visit the Goose Neck State Park only a few miles north of Mexican Hat. Over millions of years, the San Juan River has carved deep into the soft sandstone.

Goosenecks State Park, September 2014

Having seen the goosenecks, we sat down to enjoy a well deserved picnic lunch. It turned out, however, that our ration was one banana and one bread roll with no butter, but... no knife! One of our humnas had forgotten to bring a knife.
"ONE BANANA - and no knife?" Roger yelled. "Holy kiwi, what will be next? Irving, have you got sharp teeth? Would you be so kind to chew a hole in the banana, so we can peel it and have some lunch? Please..."

Mexican Hat, Utah, September 2014

Next morning, before we left Mexican Hat, we stopped at the bridge across the San Juan River to do another selfie.
"You know what, McBear", Roger pointed out, "Where would we be without selfies...?"

Arches & Canyons    Monument Valley    Arizona   

We admired the sculptures
then cruised
the Highway 95


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