We cruised the Great Glen
Crossed Mull & sailed
to Iona
The highlands & islands
of Scotland!


1. Intro    2. Dornoch    3. Iona   

Check out the map of Scotland

Map of Scotland

From Dornoch Castle in the northeast we travelled down along the Great Glen from Inverness to Oban. From Oban we sailed to Mull and from Mull we sailed to Iona...

Dornoch Castle, May 2016

It was sad to be leaving Dornoch Castle. The weekend had gone much too quick. But on the positive side; we left with one more traveller than we arrived: Our humans had decided to bring Henry with us. He was delighted and we named him Henry Dornoch.

Loch Ness, Scotland, May 2016

In Easter 2000 McBear went to Inverness and he went all the way around Loch Ness. Back then nothing was recorded, so he was deligthed to be back at Loch Ness. Unfortunately, clouds were hanging lov over the lake.

Loch Ness, May 2016

Driving by the lake shore, we made a stop at the Loch Ness Monster Centre. We hadn't seen any monsters ourselves, but it was exciting to think that deep in the vast waters of Loch Ness a monster might be hiding...

Fort William, Scotland, May 2016

While cruising along the Great Glen we saw amazing landscapes. While heading for Fort William we could see Ben Nevis in the horizon, the tallest mountain in all of the UK.

Castle Stalker, May 2016

On our way to Oban we discovered Castle Stalker along the coast. The castle is famous for many things including its appearance in the famous film by Monty Python; The Quest for the Holy Grail.

Oban, May 2016

After a long drive we reached Oban. This was not our final destination for the day as there were two ferries and two islands to do...
Here's McBear and Roger at the harbour with Henry. He was delighted to be exploring his homeland.

The ferry from Oban to Mull, May 2016

We went on the ferry from Oban to the island of Mull.

Craignure, Mull, May 2016

We arrived Craignure on Mull and immediately started the one hour drive across the island. The roads only have one track, but there are places all along the road to stop and let other cars pass. It just adds to the time it takes to cross the island...

Mull, May 2016

Here we are on Mull. On the way we saw highland cows - heeland coos - but unfortunately we couldn't get a selfie of us and a massive cow behind us...

Iona, May 2016

After yet another ferry we finally arrived the spiritual island Iona. We enjoyed walking the beach...

Iona, May 2016

We stayed at the Ardoran House near the harbour. Great place.

Iona, May 2016

Just before sunset we went to the old abbey. There are old celtic high crosses around the abbey - you can actually see two of them on the photo...

Iona, May 2016

Next day we had time to do more studies of the abbey. It's still in use as a church and many people travel to the island to experience peace and tranquility. Iona has 155 islanders and the number is on the increase.

Iona, May 2016

Then it was time to leave Iona. We sailed on the ferry back to Mull, crossed Mull back to Craignure and sailed on the next ferry back to Oban.

Scotland, May 2016

Back on the mainland we were on our way to Loch Lomond. It felt like we were cruising in and out of glens and seeing snow capped mountain peaks in the distant horizon everywhere. Wow!

Inverbeg, May 2016

We stopped for the night at the B&B The Corries and had a fine view to Loch Lomond.

Inverbeg, May 2016

On our last night in Scotland we enjoyed some well deserved whisky courtesy by the Corries.

The ferry to Belfast, May 2016

Our great Highlands & Islands tour ended as we entered the ferry from Cairnryan back to Ireland...

1. Intro    2. Dornoch    3. Iona   

Check out our video from the highlands.


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