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Horrifying Evidence

Dublin, 2004

It is evidence like this that has caused McBear and his TARF fellowers so much grief and pain: A poor christmas polarbear lying cold and wet on the ground, neglected by its owner. McBear had it reported and a friendly person put the bear back into shelter. Later it was taken indoor by its owner.

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Dublin, 2003

This photo has caused McBear particular concern as it happened it his own house. A viscious monster - called Brownie - has got her claws in a parrot.
"Well, in TARF we do know that pet toys are made for living animals", McBear says, "but still...."

Dublin, 2003

Here's another horrifying example from the house where McBear and the rest live: A poor lion TA has been almost demolished by a dragon - actually a dog - but in this case the lion was rescued, thank God. McBear got a fright once as he was nearly taken by the dragon himself. But McBear's owner ejected from his armchair to rescue McBear. Phew! That was close....

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The Travelling Bears.
We are a gang of TA's (Toy Animals) living in Dublin, Ireland. Since year 2000 we've regularly taken to the road to explore nations and cities by land, air and by sea.


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