The Travelling Bears travels to Vietnam to see the world famous Ha Long Bay and to trace the war in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s.

From Chicago to Niagara Falls

The Travelling Bears are invited to join a road trip from Chicago to Niagara Falls and return to Chicago. Enjoy the bears sightseeing in down town Chicago.


Roger Romanov is on a conquest! But there is only limited time to conquer Moscow and Saint Petersburg and to bring glory to the former Russian tzars - the Romanovs!

The 1916 Rising

The year is 1916 and the bears are fighting for a free and independent Ireland!

Follow Commandant Collins and Commandant McPhearse as they plan the rising and muster bears and other toy animals from around Ireland... well, from our house in Finglas East to be precise.

This is a historic re-enactment of the events that eventually led Ireland to freedom.

Re-enacting The 1916 Rising

New video: On the Road

In the Summer 2016 we cruised 11,500 km of the US highways. It was a fantastic adventure. Check out our new video and follow us as we arrive Chicago and head south to San Antonio in Texas, north west to Kalispell in Montana and return to Chicago.


We are The Travelling Bears, a gang of Toy Animals living in Dublin in Ireland.

Our world of travelling started in year 2000 when McBear did his pioneering trips to Scotland and Peru.

That year McBear teamed up with Roger and we started to travel together.

Since then we've regularly taken to the road to explore nations and cities by land, air and by sea.

When at home, McBear is busy in his office. He's the president of Toy Animals' Rights.

Roger is always busy writing books or music, doing sports or talking to bears and humans.

All you need is Bears!

We arrived YICHANG in China
then down
we went
the mighty Yangtse River


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We surfed the beaches
of VARADERO in Cuba
and went to
the mausoleum
of Che Guevara


Toy Animals' Rights of Finglas

Aim & scope

A. It is the aim of Toy Animals' Rights of Finglas (TARF) to improve the health and living conditions for TA's not only in Finglas East, Ireland, but in the world in general.

B. We believe that every Toy Animal (TA) has a right to be treated with fairness and respect and to be recognized for the important work they do.

C. We consider a TA to be any animal filled with stuffing whether assembled by hand or machine with the intention of achieving a look of an animal, be it cute or ferocious, and to serve as a lucky charm, souvenir or as a comfort to human beings, in particular children of all ages.

D. We believe that
- Every TA should be named and given a personal identity
- Every TA must have sufficient space allocated to be considered its home
- Every TA should be given belongings such as clothing, mugs, furniture and toys
- Damaged or worn out TA's should if possible be repaired

Signed in Finglas East, the Republic of Ireland, August 2001

T. McBear


See our list of supporters. If you wish, you can become a TARF supporter yourself.


Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

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