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The Travelling Bears

We are a gang of Teddy Bears and other toy animals (TA's) living in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

Our world of travelling started in the year 2000, when McBear did his pioneering travels to Scotland and Peru.

Later the same year he teamed up with Roger and they started travelling together.

The Travelling Bears was born as one of our owners was completing her M.Sc. from Trinity College in Dublin during the summer of 2002. For her dissertation she needed to learn html code, so she set up a website called The Travelling Bears. Since then we took over...

In the beginning we were only a few TA's and we made a presentation page for each member. However, as our community kept growing, more and more pages had to be added and updated, so after Irving had joined us, it was decided to cease creating more pages. But the 9 pages, that originally were made, can be found below. Click on a photo below to read about each of us.

The Travelling Bears
Finglas East, Dublin 11
Republic of Ireland

If you wish to contact us, please send us an Email

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Welcome to
The Travelling Bears.
We are a gang of TA's (Toy Animals) living in Dublin, Ireland. Since year 2000 we've regularly taken to the road to explore nations and cities by land, air and by sea.


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